I guide corporate executives and attorneys to expand their influence, build their leadership skills, and cultivate a resilient mindset so they can get a “seat at the table”.

I am a certified and experienced executive coach, consultant and attorney/ executive with over 10 years’ coaching experience and expertise in developing and motivating leaders across many industries and roles.

There are 5 key areas that must be addressed if you want to become a more influential leader.

  1. Credibility

Having a high level of credibility allows you to be perceived not only as an expert in your subject area, but as trusted thought leader and strategic adviser who will be invited into key business and planning meetings.  Additionally, clarity of thinking and emotional regulation elevate credibility.

  1. Leadership Presence

How you are perceived, how you communicate (both in verbal and nonverbal manners) and how confident you appear are all factors that will establish or diminish your ability to influence others and be viewed as a leader.  Having a calm and collected demeanor and being fully present will add to your ability to project a strong leadership presence.

  1. Professional Identity 

To have a strong professional identity, having clarity on your “why” – your own internal purpose and mission will allow you to show up with clarity and direction. You also need to be clear about how you serve people and the value you bring your clients.  Understanding your professional identity will carry you a long way in your ability to influence and in being viewed as a leader. 

  1. Relationships

You need strong relationships with your team, peers, senior leaders and clients. Building relationships is not about being political, it’s about having meaningful alliances based on mutual trust. When you have strong relationships and are trusted, you’re more likely to be invited to the table.

  1. Leader’s Mindset

Influential  leaders have the ability to be in the present moment, focused, calm and exude a confidence that tells everyone you can count on and trust the leader to be able to rise above the fray of frenzy. They display equanimity and create an environment of psychological safety for people to speak their minds without fear of retribution or judgment. While they may feel stress, they know how to manage it so they can provide confidence and vision. Using techniques and methodologies in mindfulness, positive intelligence and stress management, we will develop your capacity to be resilient and have the ability to persevere in through challenging times and be viewed as an Influential leader who exudes grit, calm, focus, & clarity

Coaching process:  For each of these 5 key areas, we’ll take a strategic approach that is tailored to your unique challenges and opportunities:

First, we’ll evaluate where you are in each of these 5 key areas, so we can identify your greatest priorities.

Then we’ll brainstorm about the results you want to attain and the best strategies to actualize those results.

Finally, we’ll commit to a plan of action, so you can become that trusted, influential leader and get your seat at the table.

In our work together, I will help you identify the obstacles that are preventing from being the leader you want to be and then using my leading edge neuroscience-based coaching methodologies including work in conversational intelligence, Positive Intelligence, team coaching and NLP, we will create goals and specific actions plans to develop your leadership abilities, strengthen your credibility, enhance your leadership presence, build your professional brand and help you create powerful relationships.

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