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Executive,  Business & Career coaching for lawyers, executives, high potentials and professionals 

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Executive Coaching

Are there some skills, behaviors or habits you'd like to learn to enhance your leadership skills?

Are you a lawyer, executive or professional who is already a top performer but you're looking to take it to the next level? 

  • Are there some skills, behaviors or habits you'd like to learn to enhance your leadership skills?
  • Are there some perceptions about you that you want to change to be viewed as a top performer?

We can help you to enhance your professional impact, build up your high performance skills and leadership abilities and cultivate powerful and meaningful professional relationships.

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Career Development


Are you in the job or career where you want it to be or is there something out there you really want?  

  •  Does your resume need to be crafted or just updated? 
  • Are you ready to expand your career or perhaps explore a new direction? 
  •  Do you want to stand out at work but feel unnoticed?  

Work with us to envision that next step, believe that it's possible and create that dream job or get ready to impress for that next role!  

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Wellbeing & Resiliency Coaching


  • Do you find your blood boiling sometimes and feel you can't control your anger?
  • Are you working so hard that you have no personal time?
  • Have you been making more mistakes, overlooking details?

How would it feel to be able to remain calm in the face of adversity, be the one who can bounce back quickly from a stressful or challenging situation?  We will help  enhance your resiliency, build stress management knowledge and cultivate some tools to increase and maintain your wellbeing.

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Life Coaching


  •  Are you struggling with your life purpose?
  • Are you dreaming of something big but can't get motivated?
  • Are you feeling stuck/in a rut?
  • Are you feeling burnout and overwhelmed?
  • Do you have a big dream that you are craving to put into action?

Discover coaching and uncover your calling, find your life passion, discover joy and excitement in your everyday life.  We work with lawyers, executives and professionals who want to take their lives to the next level, to soar and feel excited about their day and their lies.  

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 We help lawyers, executives and professionals excel in 4 quadrants of their lives: Work, Career, Personal Life and Wellbeing by transforming their daily lives from just survive into THRIVE.

Whether in the corporate world where you're looking to enhance your professional Impact & Influence, build executive presence, learn better communication skills and created relationships or transform your employees into high performing teams and a positive work culture, our coaching can help you make this happen.  Most of the time, it's just small and simple changes 

that have significant impacts.  Check out our EXECUTIVE COACHING page to find out more! 

In your personal life where you may have some dreams, aspirations or personal goals that you need help to bring them to life.  We will work with you to see what you really want (not just what you think you want!), help you step into your best life and live bigger than you had planned.  Explore the LIFE COACHING option!

Sometimes job changes are by choice or by necessity.  When you're ready to move ahead in your current job or looking for your next job, we're here to help you make that next step with clarity, vision and certainty. We will help you make sure you're ready with your vision and strategy and a great resume to boot!  See what we offer in our CAREER DEVELOPMENT programs

Life is complicated and learning how to manage and be resilient in times of stress will improve your wellbeing and keep you healthier and happier.  We have the tools to make this possible so that your work life doesn't take away your whole life.  Acquire more tools to become a better leader who can be focused, competent, composed and resilient even at the busiest of times.  Learn about our WELLBEING & RESILIENCY trainings.

EBC Coaching & Consulting’s 2 prong methodology in coaching and wellbeing & resiliency training is designed for you: A high performer in work and in everyday life who thrives under pressure, who can deliver A+ content and not drop the ball but have realized that excellence can come at a price:  in the pursuant of your success, you may have lost some of your passion, direction, commitment and health.  

Our programs are designed to help you to develop your excellence AND provide you with tools to be more resilient, calm and focused and help you develop new habits and skills to be more effective in the workplace or your everyday life so that you are delivering your best with greater ease even the most stressful time.   

We also offer yoga, mediation/mindfulness, breathing and relaxation programs through U Matter Wellbeing.  Available in your workplace or by private session.

Ellen B. Cohen, J.D., CPCC, PCC  is a certified executive & life coach and attorney.

Schedule a complementary consultation with her to find out how you can find greater excellence, balance & confidence! 


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Thank you for your interest in EBC Coaching & Consulting! Coaching is my passion and it is what i view as my life purpose.  I am always excited to help people, in this case, perhaps, YOU, step into your most exciting and fulfilling place in your life, whether it's at work, at home or exploring your next career.

I understand that working with a coach is a significant and major decision that could have a major impact on your professional or personal life trajectory but working with the right coach can be the most empowering and career enhancing choice you make for yourself.  It's critical that you work with the coach that you connect with and you trust.  Take the time to speak to your coach and take a sample session before you commit.  

When you work with me, I bring over 10 years of experience as a coach and 20+ years of experience as lawyer, business affairs attorney, senior executive and manager of employees as well a strong background in wellbeing from my training as a mindfulness/meditation/yoga teacher and as a former personal trainer/group fitness instructor.

For those seeking my executive coaching services, with my unique background as an attorney, former corporate executive and now as an executive coach,  my clients appreciate is that I relate to their experiences as leaders, that I have an understanding the dynamics of corporate culture, what it’s like to work with difficult bosses/colleagues and the challenge of delivering excellence with the pressures and dynamics of the corporate world,  Additionally, I have a particular expertise in working with corporate executives, business affairs and legal departments to help them and their team become better partners to the business units, build relationships across different internal functions and enhance their ability to be influential, develop a meaning brand and mission statement and cultivate powerful relationships.

I incorporate scientific/neuroscience-based coaching and emotional intelligence skills and my knowledge of multiple wellbeing modalities as powerful tools to enhance leadership, build resiliency and improve ROI in the workplace.

I look forward to speaking with you and if it's the right connection, to working with you!

Ellen Cohen, J.D., CPCC, PCC

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"If you are interested in change and making progress, Ellen is a coach to work with.  She focuses on helping you assess your situation and your goals in a deeply meaningful way with her powerful questions.  Her style is both challenging and compassionate so you never feel alone on your journey but supported.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share resources.  My goals and steps have been made clearer with her help.  I highly recommend Ellen as your coach!" Sumina, Marketing director, life coach and yoga teacher

"Ellen was my coach to help me whenever I was at a crossroads in my career, or dealing with a business related situation that her coaching could help me gain greater perspective.  Ellen always gave me the best guidance and inspiration  when I needed it most!  She also recommended relevant books to help me think through whatever issue I was dealing with.  I strongly recommend Ellen as a professional/executive coach and would encourage anyone to work with her who is looking to enhance their potential."  Kathy W, Business Affairs VP/Attorney

"I cannot recommend Ellen enough for being instrumental in assisting me with my professional outlook and perspective. Ellen took me out of a 'rut' and placed my thoughts and self -esteem back onto a healthy, strong track.  Ellen worked with me patiently and helped me realize things about myself that I had either lost, forgotten, or maybe had not seen.  If you are looking for an extraordinary person to help you, spiritually, mentally even physically - I highly recommend her!"  Jennifer R, Luxury Brand Manager

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