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What if you could make small but highly significant changes so you could be considered a strategic partner & trusted adviser to senior management?

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Here’s the reality:   The only way to have your voice heard in these conversations is to establish yourself as a credible and influential leader.  Once you can change perceptions, you’ll be able to advance your career and secure your “seat at the table”. 

What if you could make small but highly effective changes that would give you the visibility and voice you both desire and deserve?

It starts with you.  If you want others to see the leader in you, you first need to see that in yourself.  If you don’t believe in your expertise and value, no one else will!

(Over my 12 years’ experience as an executive coach, I’ve found that there are 5 key areas (“C.L.I.M.B.”) leaders need to develop to become more influential:

  • Credibility (competence, reliability + trust)
  • Leadership presence (communication skills, confidence, & connection),
  • Professional Identity (vision, mission & value)
  • A leader’s mindset (focus, calm & grit)
  • Building strong relationships (allies & mentors)

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Here's what our clients say...

Ellen was my coach to help me whenever I was at a crossroads in my career, or dealing with a business related situation that her coaching could help me gain greater perspective. Ellen always gave me the best guidance and inspiration when I needed it most! She also recommended relevant books to help me think through whatever issue I was dealing with. I strongly recommend Ellen as a professional/executive coach and would encourage anyone to work with her who is looking to enhance their potential.

Kathy W, Business Affairs VP/Attorney

If you are interested in change and making progress, Ellen is a coach to work with. She focuses on helping you assess your situation and your goals in a deeply meaningful way with her powerful questions. Her style is both challenging and compassionate so you never feel alone on your journey but supported. She has a wealth of knowledge and is always willing to share resources. My goals and steps have been made clearer with her help. I highly recommend Ellen as your coach!

Sumina, Marketing Director

I cannot recommend Ellen enough for being instrumental in assisting me with my professional outlook and perspective. Ellen took me out of a ‘rut’ and placed my thoughts and self -esteem back onto a healthy, strong track. Ellen worked with me patiently and helped me realize things about myself that I had either lost, forgotten, or maybe had not seen. If you are looking for an extraordinary person to help you, spiritually, mentally even physically – I highly recommend her!

Jennifer R, Luxury Brand Manager

I want to give a big shout to Ellen, my amazing coach, who took me on a journey I was so far from expecting. You asked me all the right questions (ones I never remotely thought of!) and you challenged me in a way nobody ever did. Change is never easy, but your dedication, compassion, and care, gave me the courage to always push myself further. There was life before coaching, and life after (which includes your voice in my head always asking questions!). Thank you for having made such a big difference in my life, for all the laughs and the tears, and for being so incredibly supportive!

Ines O, General Counsel

I had the pleasure of having Ellen as my coach. She provided a number of very valuable insights and I was very impressed with her ability to quickly frame the issues we worked through together. Her real-world legal experience made her advise relatable and actionable. I highly recommend her as an executive coach and I hope I have another opportunity to work with her in the future!

Chris S, Assistant General Counsel

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Get the 5 Pillars eBook and find out how you can develop your ability to influence!

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