Yes, I Can!!

September 2, 2018|LIFE COACHING

So often when we have a big dream, aspiration or secret desire, we spend our time thinking about why it’s not possible, why it can’t happen for us and all the “Yeah, But…” excuses or justifications to keep us from attaining what we really want. I want you to take a moment to think about that big dream, secret desire or aspiration – maybe it’s scary, maybe you haven’t even had the courage to say it out loud because you’re so convinced it’ll never happen. Or, maybe you’re working towards it but struggling with uncertainty and fear. Take a moment to write it down, say it out loud, image yourself having your dream realized.

I want to tell you a little story about Thomas the rabbit who everyone called “Yeah but”. Thomas didn’t understand why everyone called him this but it turns out that when ever anybody had a suggestion, idea or any thought about something, the first thing that Thomas would say was “yeah, but” and this happened so often that people just start calling him “Yeah But.”  And Thomas didn’t just say that to everyone, he said it to himself, about everything. His self limiting beliefs kept him locked into being incapable to moving forward or getting beyond all of his reasons for why he wouldn’t be successful. It’s a beautiful day? Yeah but it’s might rain…(rain happened). You’re a good singer (yeah but there are so many other good singers). You know what ended up happening to Thomas? Well, he said “yeah but” so often that after time that the “but” became the truth. 

Just before, I asked you about your big dream, your aspirations or goals, is there something in your life that you really want? Were you able to say it out loud? What happened to you? How many yeah buts were congregating in your brain?  How often are you saying “yeah but” about what the big things you want in your life or about even the smaller things?   What if it were possible to let go of the negative “no I can’t/it’s not possible” and shift to the “Yes, I can” perspective? Today I’d like you to start to change the messaging in your internal conversation. What if every time you had an objection, explanation or justification for being stuck, for “turning yourself down” – you instead started off by saying “yes I can”?   What if every answer to every dream, aspiration or goal was “yes I can” and from there, figure out how to move forward, from the perspective of possibility, what would you do? I invite you to start thinking about changing the conversation in your head -and in your actions- by replacing your “yeah buts” with “Yes I cans” and see what happens. If you could do something, if it were possible, what would you do to move towards that big goal????

Coaching can help you tear down the walls and barriers and get beyond the “yeah but” perspective  and help you see that there are so many possibilities and potentials. Affirmation: Yes, I CAN!!

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