Mental Fitness

As a high performer managing a large workload and high level responsibilities, are there times you experience one or more of these feelings:

  • Your day involves simultaneously juggling plates and putting out fires
  • Not thinking clearly/overwhelmed by the details
  • Communication break downs
  • Can’t breathe/feel highly anxious
  • Not sleeping
  • Having emotional outbursts (anger, tears) that may be extreme or inappropriate for the circumstances
  • Working longer but not more efficiently; or
  • Suffering from stomach or bodily pains and discomfort?

Life is complicated and learning how to manage and be resilient in times of stress will improve your well-being and keep you healthier and happier. We have the tools to make this possible so that your work life doesn’t take away your whole life. Acquire more tools to become a better leader who can be focused, competent, composed and resilient even at the busiest of times. Imagine if you were able to sustain the highest level of success you are accustomed to and you also were able to:

  • Feel more connected, happier & calmer every day
  • Show up with an energetic and effective presence
  • Have clarity of mind – you are more alert and focused
  • Feel less emotional, triggered to anger
  • Are better able to manage the demands of the workplace and work more efficiently

I have recently been working with Shirzad Chamine and his revolutionary program called Positive Intelligence (“PQ”) which Shirzad describes as an internal operating system. Think of it as a way to help you become more effective, productive and gain mental fitness and resilience.  I am working towards my certification in this methodology and, in connection with that training, I have a short window to be able to offer you this program without charge.

What Makes This Program So Interesting And Effective?

1. Assess Your Saboteurs

The program begins by assessing your saboteurs, those internal voices in your head that convert your most powerful strengths (i.e., something that when used in a positive way is an asset) into disabling, dis-empowering and discouraging thoughts, assumptions and beliefs that makes you believe you are inadequate.  When we use our strengths to their best effect, we are in our wise and positive self.  Shirzad defines this state as being in our “Sage” perspective.  Maybe that’s a bit confusing so here’s an example:  A person who is careful, detailed and great at proof reading can see errors and is fabulous at delivering precise and accurate work.  Awesome.  But take this strength and amp up it to the point that it becomes perfectionism and now this person is incapable of letting anything go because it’s not perfect. This person may become a micromanager or so focused on the details that they lose focus on the big picture. To identify your Saboteurs, here’s the link to take the 2-minute personal assessment.

Now that you know about your saboteurs, you probably want to know how you can make them go away or at least, how to diffuse their influence so you can move into Sage perspective (actually in a different part of the brain!). That’s where learn how to use what Shirzad calls “PQ reps”. These are micro mindfulness sessions designed to train our brains to silence the saboteurs and shift us into our Sage mindset. PQ reps cultivate “Mental Fitness”. Even if you regularly meditate, do yoga or other mindfulness practices, PQ reps are uniquely designed to be called into action in any environment and are activated within moments. The more skilled you are, the more quickly you can activate them and the faster they can take effect.

So how do you build “mental fitness”? Well, it’s similar to how you develop physical fitness: To build muscles, you need to go to the gym and start lifting weights. On day one, you can barely lift 40lbs but over 6 weeks, you can build your strength and get to 60lbs. The more your keep up the workouts, the more you’ll be able to lift. The same is true for mental fitness. This 6 week training program teaches the foundations of PQ mental fitness. With short, guided sessions in the PQ app, you’ll discover how to use 10-second to 2-minute “PQ reps” to directly interrupt the saboteurs and active the Sage.

2. Self Command -
Turning down the Noise:

3. Activating the Sage

There are 5 Sage techniques that can be activated once we have silenced the Saboteur. These are more fully explained in the program. These technics can be called upon in any situation where you feel “hijacked” by your saboteurs, whether at work, with your family or in any activity where you start to experience self doubt, self worth or your self judger is in full force!

How Does The Program Work?

  1. You will either form a group of a maximum of 5 participants (peers, colleagues, team members, etc) or I can invite you into a group of individuals who I think you would connect with (professionally similar or in similar mindsets, etc.)  and choose to start on any given Monday in January 2021 and each month thereafter. Each Monday we have a 30-minute check in around that week’s theme. On each Saturday of the program, you receive new content that will support your practice for the week. Monday is a day off. Every Tuesday – Friday you will receive short 2-minute exercises to identify and quiet your Saboteurs.
  3. After the initial, intense 6-week practice, you will begin to rewire your brain – so much that if you took an fMRI your brain would show increased grey matter in the part of your Sage brain and decreased matter in the Saboteur region. After this 6-week “boot-camp” you can continue your practice as a group or on your own (you will have free access to the app).

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